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This is Probably Entertainment.  


November 24th, 2016

It's been a while!  But don't think we haven't been workin' on stuff.  We have, and it's been going really well.  I think Jacob and I are both more capable designers and collaborators than ever, and only great stuff can come out of that.  

So what're we up to?  The same unannounced game from our last update has been getting some serious love--Jacob has been making great strides in its design.  He's managed to both expand the possibility space and streamline everything.  It's exciting stuff.  It's fast becoming a few of my favorite games rolled into one.  

I've been working on turning our RTS setting into a crazy little pen and paper game.  It's still rocking a working title, but Arrogant Armageddon is a world in which everyone left alive is drinking the tasty arrogance seeping out of the ground, making them capable of whatever apocalyptic things their ego convinces them of.  Nigh-invulnerability?  Easy-peasy.  Being able to turn raging inaccuracies into the goddamn truth?  Oh yeah.  Being a bear?  

Buddy.  Of course.  

I'm looking for playtesters, too.  If you're interested, give us a shout at

And dare I say we're working on, "and more!"?!?  Because it's true.  Some of it's just design experiments, some of it could be more--either way, it's momentum, and it feels great.  We'll be checking in more, so keep an eye out for more updates!  Keep on enjoying life, be good to each other, and we'll be seeing ya soon.  


March 11th, 2015

Don't get me wrong--I loved the 20XX thing.  But even I lost track of when we said things.  

Where we at?  We're developing a game.  The same game we hinted at back in October of 20XX. And y'know what?  We're really happy with it.  We're making good progress, the scope is aggressive but manageable, and the game is getting better all the time.  

We've left people a bit in the dark, though.  That should change.  

Our website's not great.  We can fix that.  

New content's dried up like bread in the microwave.  

I really want to change that.  We've always been an entertainment company, not just a game company.  That means that if I write something funny, I should share it.  I also don't feel the need to hide incomplete content or side projects.  I've put in some good time on writing a campaign for the first game Jacob and I ever worked on.  Is that game coming out anytime soon?  Ever?  Maybe not.  But it doesn't mean that I'm not enjoying working on it, and that you won't enjoy reading it.  

So you'll start getting pieces of that campaign soon.  In the meantime, you can enjoy a couple new entries over in Smatterings.  

We're back.  Y'know, probably.  



October 14th, 20XX 


Not mouthwash, not on a gun—scale.  Just how big a project is, and the resources required to finish it. 

Resources include:


Number of people involved

Skills of people involved

Funds to pay people who have skills you definitely don’t, chump

Other competing projects (including, but not limited to the following: employment, housework, relationships, and improving your micro) 

Considerations for “just how big a project is”:

How many characters do you want? 

Seriously?  And they each have 4 skills? 

Each of those skills has non-linear growth? 

And each character must fit on a team with four other characters? 

And you want those characters animated? 

Skills with particle effects? 

Emergent gameplay? 

And you want to improve upon the entire genre? 

While combining elements from one or more of your favorite genres? 

You’re serious? 

…you’ve never made a video game in your life? 

No, a text adventure doesn’t count. 

Your competition is a company that literally convinced the U.S. government that video game players are professional athletes and should have the same travel rights as players from actual sports that have been recognized as legitimate for thousands of years? 

And you haven’t found an engine to make your game in yet? 

Do you at least have a name? 

Goddamn.  Good luck. 

We’ve learned a lot about scope.  We also have a new project that, while larger than any other project we’ve completed, is actually of manageable scale.  A project that has us more excited than any other in the past few years.  A project we love, which we’re constantly bringing ideas to, ideas which we’re sharpening into great new systems and abilities and interactions that will provide countless hours of ever-changing gameplay. 

We’ve also learned something about hyperbole, but the above is all true (mostly). 

It’s a good time to be Probably Entertainment. 

No, we have no fucking clue when you’ll get to play this game.  However, we’ll be updating you as it evolves.  Promise.  

Oh, you want a teaser?  A little hint of what's going on?  All right, here you go:

Yeah.  That's right.  Green blobs.  In low-def.