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These are the games you're looking for.  

(That's not cocky--it's a bad Star Wars reference.) 

But actually, the games are over on the Downloads page--so you can get excited about them here, but head over there to finally experience something that is Probably Entertainment, through and through!  



In Vampires, Vampire Slayers, and Whores, you bite, kill, and fuck your friends—unless they do you (in) first.  A game made for groups of people who don’t take things literally, this shifting logic puzzle forces players to lie well and observe better.   

It’s an introduction to mind games, fueled by violence and sexual tension. 

A perfect icebreaker! 



We all know the story of the American Revolution. 

Unfortunately, our AI Overlords don’t.  The files containing information on this proud moment in our nation’s history have been corrupted into oblivion, leaving us with Them’s Fightin’ Words!  In this word-building war game, players take turns writing words from the Declaration of Independence (including poop or whatever) and using the points earned to rally our Forefathers in glorious combat.  Ben Franklin dive-bombs from his electro-kite, Nathan Hale has two lives to give for his country, and George Washington makes axe wounds out of everyone. 

Make ‘Merica proud with this perfect icebreaker for the whole family!  



Ever scowl at a smiling child?  

Wish someone would trip and smash their face, just because they seemed to be having a good day?  

Just get tired of other people's joy?  


That's kind of messed up.  What's slightly less messed up is Sad, Sad Stories, which lets you vent some of those atrocious feelings through writing horrible endings for all those happy people.  

You take a beautiful, radiant, life-affirming picture like this one, then write a short tale of woe for the participants.  

Best part: you don't do it alone! Gather up some other stick-in-the-muds and let everyone take a crack at wiping the smiles off those happy people's faces.  Then vote for the saddest, saddest story and play until someone realizes it's still pretty depressing.  

Ice break the shit outta someone! 

Don't feel like rolling dice or drawing cards? Use Probably Entertainment's patented (is it patented because I say it is?) Fancy Random Number Generator! Click buttons and get random round types, adages, concepts, and pictures! Find it here!





We’ve heard it from everywhere: don’t judge other people. 

But everywhere is boring!  In a twist on a twenty questions-style game, players can only ask subjective questions about the 24 losers who may be his opponent’s best pal.  The point isn’t to be right—it’s to plumb the most unforgivably judgmental dark pit of your soul to say what everyone’s thinking. 

Seriously.  Icebreaker.  

Pals now comes with portraits from Probably Entertainment! You can find them here! But I know what you're thinking... having all these portraits is great, but how do I pick on at random to play the game? Easy, just use the Probably Entertainment Patented Fancy Random Number Generator! Click a button, and get a face! Crazy shit!