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Probably Entertainment burst into existence during dinner (because we’re fat).  Maybe it was the grease, maybe the environment, maybe just fate.  Whatever it was, during that meal Peter and Jacob Komistra had the most perfect idea: a game where bears fight priests. 

For three years, we made the idea even more perfect by adding athletes, criminals, excessive puns, and gore to the mix.  Unfortunately, we needed loads of art and code, and we didn’t have either of those things. 

So we’re starting small-scale by focusing on vampires, whores, defiling the American Revolution and our Forefathers, and shamelessly judging people.  Other planned projects include Future George Clooney, zombies, your grandpa with Alzheimers’, fucking, badasses fighting to prove they’re the biggest badass, gods, superheroes, Alien Infested Fuckland, and NO SHAME WHATSOEVER. 

If you’re interested, stick around.  We’ll get to all of it eventually. 

(if you give us money)

So enjoy the free games we’ve posted here, tell your friends, and just have fun. 

(giving us your money)

It’s the most fun thing you can do. 

(for “free”)  




Dillon Nelson designed our logo and is amazing!  

Colin Kirchner did all artwork for both Them's Fightin' Words and Vampires, Vampire Slayers, and Whores and is doubly amazing!  


Actually, he's quadruply amazing after this:

Go check out his other amazing work at these links: