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This is where you can find all of Probably Entertainment's games, available for absolutely free!  We've made everything print-and-play so you can learn about a game and start playing it within minutes.

We also have plans for utilizing the increasingly-popular freemium model, and will roll out a few aesthetic improvements to our games in the next couple of weeks.  Expansions and deluxe editions are scheduled to follow, too, so make sure to check back for new ways to play your favorite games.

And if that's not enough promise-making, we'll also update all of our games as balance issues and loopholes pop up.  We've done everything in our power to make sure the games are balanced from the moment you download them, but the world's a big game-breaking place, and we're prepared to regularly update our games to make sure they're always as much fun as possible.  However, that means you have to tell us when something's cheap, so jump onto the forums and give us a shout!

Thanks for your interest in what is Probably Entertainment, and enjoy.  

(also... you may want to print out a test page before going all crazy.  Or just select Fit to Printable Area, or whatever that option is.  Technology!)



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    Them's Fightin' Words game pieces

    These are full-color, all-glorious depictions of our Forefathers' battle garb, truly breathtaking in their ability to make 'Merica look good (through dealing death). To clarify, that Buy Now button brings you to PayPal, which is how we're handling all transactions. But don't you worry your head now--you can't even buy an item off the dollar menu with what we're charging for these pieces (if you also buy two more dollar menu items). You'll pay PayPal, which will send us a confirmation email, at which point (or within the following 24 hours), we'll send you a .pdf of the game pieces. It's a little rickety, we know, but it's the best we can do at this juncture (and you don't have to wear any pants. Try that at your local dollar menu restaurant). We'll need your email address--so let PayPal know where you're @, and we'll send the document along. If you forget (or we've been more than 24 hours in the delivery), feel free to send a reminder and we'll get right on it. Thanks!
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    Vampires, Vampire Slayers, and Whores premium cards

    Here are some blood-curdling premium cards for Vampires, Vampire Slayers, and Whores! Blood-curdling is like gut-busting, which is like funny, right? Of course it is, and of course you're going to enjoy the undying hell out of these cards! Click on the Buy Now button and send us a measly three dollar bill, ya'll.
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    Happen to have 3 sets of 24 portraits lying around? Sure you do, if you own Guess Who?! With it, you can play Probably Entertainment's free mod. In Pals, you'll ask subjective questions about the line-up of losers that stand between you and glory. That is, if you find laughing at the darkness that is humanity a glorious undertaking. Which it so clearly is.
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    3 identical sets of hand-drawn portraits by one of our in-house artists, Peter, for use in Probably Entertainment's icebreaking game, Pals!
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    Sad, Sad Stories.pdf

    The rules sheet and images required to play Sad, Sad Stories! Have a laugh over other people's misfortune by looking at an innocent scenario and adding the most horrible details you can imagine.
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    Them's Fightin' Words

    Here's everything you need to play our mod of Scrabble! Of course, this mod requires a copy of Scrabble, so go out and support the big guys for making this mod so easy for us to pull together. Then, come back and beat your unpatriotic friends to a pulp in this game set in the future about the past! (the future when we're controlled by computers and made to recreate the Revolutionary War, obviously) Use your massive vocabulary to write circles around your opponent, or outwit your foes with your superior strategies. All's fair with words in war.
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    Vampires, Vampire Slayers, and Whores

    This file's got all of Probably Entertainment's first 100% original card game. Just ignore the Rock-Paper-Scissors parallels, and you'll see it's entirely our creation! Have fun name-calling, deducing, and proving you're the best liar of all your friends!